what is mmmbsc ?

MMM is a community where people help each other. Here, people provide help free of charge, and are absolutely conscious to remit to each other directly, from one account to another, for direct currency exchange; all funds are circulated among participants; no intermediary or intermediate link can touch the money.

People provide financial assistant to each other on the principle of free charge, selflessness, mutual benefit and mercy. In MMM system, you do not need to sign a contract or mortgage properties and there is no creditor or obligor, everything is simple: One participant asks for help, while another one capable provides help. The only requirement of MMM for participants is honest and kind to each other. When you need financial assistance, you applies for help; when you are able to provide help, you do. In transactions, participants use dollar-anchored cryptocurrency for transfer. This is the best method for participants of different countries to make smooth remittance.

MMM is not a bank, has no central account, does not collect your MONEY; MMM is not an online business, an investment or a sales program. It is neither a company, nor an enterprise. There is no boss, no owner, no office space, no formal organization, no legal entity, no business, no investment or no other activities of any form.

Origin of MMMGLOBAL2019

The Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract System of MMMGLOBAL2019. is a model developed by the core programmer team of MMM System who rewrites the algorithmic mechanism according to the data analyses of global participants, and improves the system rules.

Based on theory and practice of the MMM founder Sergey Mavrodi, the revolution is made in an innovative way that Mavrodi's thoughts and ideas and MMM Mutual Aid Fund Model are integrated into the technology of the Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract, which defuses the natural contradiction between participants and administrators, re-establishes the trust of the financial banking industry, and reshapes the global centralized financial order.

Its original mixing model of

Shared Bank + Mutual Aid Model + Jackpot Model + Decentralized System + Blockchain Smart Contract + Dollar-anchored Cryptocurrency” effectively solves a series of problems such as non-open and non-transparent centralized system data, no fair and equitable mechanism, management’s inside story or abscondence, low efficiency of system customer service, bureaucracy of system administrators, dishonesty of participants, account stolen and fund security, leakage of personal information, destruction of cycle by speculators, the spread of false news resulting in panic and run on a bank, etc., and also solves the problem that when community members participate in the mutual aid fund system, they will suffer losses due to the rise or fall of the currency price.

At the same time, the long-term holding of the dollar-anchored cryptocurrency is equal to the holding of dollars, which crosses the barriers of foreign exchange control imposed by countries, allows their wealth to synchronize with the dollars, and really realizes long-term preservation, appreciation, increment, safety and stability of wealth.

Three Missions of MMMGLOBAL2019

① MMM Mutual Aid Fund Innovation Model 6.0 helps people to get rid of money shackles and obtain financial freedom.

②Continuing Mavrodi’s mission, emancipating the minds of people under financial enslavement, and making the spiritual soul free.

③ MMM Mutual Aid Fund Innovation Model 6.0 is based on blockchain smart contract technology. and carry forward Sergey Mavrodi and Satoshi Nakamoto’s great financial revolution.

destroy the world's unequal financial order, break the old world, build a new world and make life free.

MMMGLOBAL2019 will accomplish three positioning targets

①In the field of blockchain smart contract, will make itself the most perfect in integrating mutual aid and continue to carry forward MMM.

②In financial the field of mutual aid, will make itself the most perfect in blockchain smart contract application and continue the technological revolution.

③In the field of blockchain smart contract mutual aid, will make itself the most perfect in finance and technology enlightenment and carry forward Sergey Mavrodi and Satoshi Nakamoto’s great financial revolution.

How to accomplish the three missions and the three positioning targets?

①By Four Dimensions / Four in One of the model

②By the model of the system’s five core advantages

③By establishing the five cores of the system ecology

④By deeply knowing and strictly following the community ideology and taking advantage of the technological revolution of combining MMM mutual aid fund mode with blockchain smart contract, participants will surely fulfill the aspirations and missions of Sergey Mavrodi and Satoshi Nakamoto.