Instant KYC Ready, Set, Go!

Our platform focuses on get up-to-date information at the right time. It gathers intelligence by scouring information from 60,000 news sources across the world and monitors the social media to find relevant information and they are shared instantly with our customers who can use the information to make their trades.

Security Safest and most secure platform comparable to Bank's Security Standards

Banking Partnerships Let the Crypto world not worry about banks

Crypto-to-Crypto Trading platform Reducing customer's cost of Trading

Advanced Trading Features Powering customers to grow their investments

✪ Matching Engine One of the Most Powerful Trade Engines Internationally

Giottus is one of the fastest exchanges in the market today, even by comparison with International Exchanges. Our current infrastructure is capable of handling 50,000 transactions per second and our asynchronous message routing architecture guarantees stability even under the concurrency of millions of orders.

With industry best practices for disaster recovery and built-in redundancies to ensure fault tolerant system, at Giottus we have covered all bases to guarantee a highly Reliable and Powerful Platform.